Officially, we are a recycle/reuse/repurpose not-for-profit organization (RESOURCE CENTER) that survives on donations and community grants.

Our resource center consists of 4000 sq. ft. of clean/dry household and industrial discards and recyclables that are donated to us by more than 30,000+ individuals and businesses in the metropolitan area.  We service every School District and most Private Schools in the metropolitan area, and many from around the country.  More than 4,000 local teachers visit us to obtain supplies (and many of them are looking for school supplies for children who cannot afford even the price of a binder or a pack of pencils).

We also count a wide swath of not-for-profit organizations (Magic House, Science Center and the like) as our customers as well as churches, early childhood centers, Scouting groups, homeschool groups, crafters, government entities working with children, physical therapists and miscellaneous groups, organizations and individuals.

When your child comes home from school with a “special project” they made while studying science, math, history, language or art and they have a Pringles Can in hand, or a CD in hand, or an airplane in hand made out of egg cartons – be assured that those supplies came from Leftovers, etc.

We have many organizations that work with developmentally disabled adults and children who visit us on a weekly basis and perform small tasks such as separating greeting cards from front and back, sorting soda lids by color and much, much more.

We keep 100+tons of material out of the landfill yearly.  We are known as a DIY Haven, as well as “Pinterest Before Pinterest Became Popular” and a organization that “Has Everything You Didn’t Know You Needed”.

Our goal is to spark a child’s imagination, stretch their thinking process and teach them that YOU do not have to spend a ton of money for things for them to do.  It can all be found around your house, and if you don’t have enough, they can visit us and obtain everything they need.