Wizard’s World

2018/07/16 9:00 am - 2018/07/20 12:00 pm
Leftovers etc.
Address: 11818 Borman Dr. Maryland Heights, MO 63146

Reservation deadline is July 2, 2018
When you think of “potions”, do you conjure up all the legendary “wizards” who concocted potions, lotions and notions? Who are the famous wizards? What are Wizard’s Loyal Familiars and Magical Beasts? Do you know how to Read Palms, or Dowsing or Card Reading? How would you like to visit Hogwarts (the world of Harry Potter) and see what’s going on there? Who knows what we are going to concoct! Who knows what will bubble up from our mysterious cauldrons! You’ll need to put your “thinking” cap, or wizard’s cap; on your head; but you will certainly have a lot of fun.

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