Pirate Adventure

2018/06/04 9:00 am - 2018/06/08 12:00 pm
Leftovers etc.
Address: 11818 Borman Dr. Maryland Heights, MO 63146

Reservation deadline is May 21, 2018
This is your chance to follow the adventures of famous pirates on the high seas and find out IF and WHERE they buried treasure while plying the Seven Seas!!! We’re going to dress up and talk like a “pirate” and make all kinds of “pirate” memorabilia such as stamping faux Spanish doubloons; make our own authentic treasure map, treasure chest, pirate ship, compass, spyglass, ship and private pirate island. You will be entering the world of famous pirates like Blackbeard, William Kidd and all the other famous pirates throughout time. Argh! What fun!

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