Circus, Circus, Circus

2018/07/23 9:00 am - 2018/07/27 12:00 pm
Leftovers etc.
Address: 11818 Borman Dr. Maryland Heights, MO 63146

Reservation deadline is July 9,2018
We’re raising the “BIG TOP” at Leftovers, etc. This is your chance to be the Ringmaster, a Clown, a Lion Tamer, and more. Everyone wants to be a clown. Our Clowns will be making silly hats, silly noses, squirting flowers, dumbbells and balloon art while mastering the vanishing chair trick and working out the great water chase routine as well as mastering the “HOOP DANCE”. Our Lion Tamers, and other acts, will be mastering the tricks of the trade and practicing for the Matinee performance. On Friday, we will have a special matinee for the parents so the campers can show off their new found skills.

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