“Child’s Pinterest Party” Celebrate World UFO Day

“Child’s Pinterest Party” Celebrate World UFO Day

2018/07/18 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Leftovers etc.
Address: 11818 Borman Dr. Maryland Heights, MO 63146

$5.00 per child

Accompanying parents are free

Reservations Required – Call 314-455-9424

Deadline: June 30, July 9, July 17, July 25

We’re celebrating World UFO Day which falls on July 2, but we’re celebrating this fun day all month. We’re making spaceships, space shuttles, UFOs and other alien crafts and people. For the little ones, we’re making turbo boost jet packs so they can soar into outer space. Or, your child can paint planets, comets, and other space oddities on rocks for a memorable evening.

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