Unacceptable Donations

We are a redistribution center for items to be used in an educational/artistic/craft setting ( Classrooms, Scouting, Home School, Churches, Challenged Rehabilitation, Artistic Endeavors, Crafting Projects) etc.  If you have recycling at home please use that first.

Before making a donation, ask yourself:

Can this item be used by children?

Would this item be acceptable in a classroom/educational setting?

Are these art supplies or craft supplies?

could these items be used in our gift shop?

If it is dirty, please don’t bring it!

If you wouldn’t buy it or use it yourself, please don’t bring it!

  • A – any “Dirty” items
  • B – batteries (hazardous), broken electronics, broken baskets, broken furniture (fold up chairs), broken glass/mirrors, broken picture frames, broken seasonal items, broken toys, building materials (used carpeting/padding, old linoleum, building wood (craft wood is acceptable.
  • C – catalogues of any kind, chunky styrofoam (molded), containers with food residue.
  • D – dirty stuffed animals.
  • E – Empty/ dirty candle jars.
  • F – fast food containers and cups.
  • G – glass soda/ beer bottles.
  • H- house paint ( hazardous).
  • I – ironing boards.
  • J – junk mail
  • K-
  • L – leftover toiletry containers (dusting powder, body lotion, and like containers, etc.).
  • M -used and old makeup
  • N –
  • O – oil filters ( hazardous), old computer cases, outdated computer software, outdated computers.
  • P – plastic flowers/ dirty planters, plastic hangers
  • Q –
  • R – Religious items, rusty metal materials (nails and like items).
  • S – spiral light bulbs
  • T – telephone books, textbooks/ worn and torn books and magazines, tidy cat kitty litter,  #20 plastic jug, trophies
  • U – used candy wrappers, used clothing/ bedding/ used shoes.