Project Mission


 Welcome to Leftovers, etc!

We are a community-based educational and environmental resource and learning center that provides free/affordable traditional and non-traditional school supplies for use as learning tools to public and private school educators, home school educators, early childhood edcucators, and organizations working with low-income parents.

We provide instruction in developmentally appropriate, educational, family-centered activities for low-income, at risk and special needs youth.

Project Mission

“Leftovers, etc,” is operated by the Resource Recovery Project, Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit educational information organization, founded in 1989, with our learning center in St. Charles County.

The Resource Recovery Project is a unique agency dedicated to supplying children and educators the basic tools and materials needed for creative learning by providing surplus resources donated by business, industry and the local communities committed to the development and advancement of education and the Arts.

Community Involvement

Staff and volunteers of Leftovers, etc. participate in many community events throughout the year. We provide
a display of scrap material being used for creative learning and a hands-on project that is appropriate for
the event.

If you would like Leftovers, etc. to be a part of your community event and provide you with an educational
element using scrap material, please contact our learning center and ask to be connected to the Executive

We will be glad to participate in your planned activity.